Muzikayise Flynn Buthelezi (MFB)

Front-End Developer, Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Muzikayise Flynn Buthelezi

About me:

I have been doing software development professionally since 2005. My passion for programming started when I was a junior in high school. My first computer program was an 8- bit happy birthday song written in the PASCAL programming language. Furthermore, I have had the pleasure of working in various industries using various development languages, tools, technologies and practices.

Core Technology Summary
  • 5+ years JavaScript experience with SPAs (Single Page Applications)
  • 10+ years experience with full stack web application development
  • 3+ years experience with React and Redux web applications

Supplemental Technology Summary
  • Experience with React Native.
  • Experience with Nodejs, Express and MongoDB.
  • Experience with mentoring junior programmers.
  • Experience with Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI) and Pair Programming.


Full Stack JavaScript

Front-end Stack: React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Material-ui

Back-end Stack: Nodejs, Expressjs, Sequelize ORM & CLI, PostgreSQL

Live Demo:

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Sample Screens:

Description: Simple CRUD application. The Front-end SPA consumes the Back-end RESTful API using JSON data. Used PostgreSQL because the data was much easier to store using a relational database.

More info:

Front-end React

Stack: React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Bootstrap, SASS

Live Demo:

GitHub Code:

Sample Screens:

Description: Simple web app to display travel options between cities.

More info:

Front-end Angularjs (1.5)

Stack: Angularjs (1.5) *Webpack workflow, Babel (ES6), SASS, Bootstrap

Live Demo:

GitHub Code:

Sample Screens:

Description: A simple application that facilitates the Scrum Methodology.

More info:



Allan Gray, Cape Town [Senior Developer]


Web application development with JavaScript - React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Jest, HTML5, CSS.

Property Finder - Dubia, UAE [Senior Frontend Developer]


Web / Mobile application development - React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Jest, BackboneJS, HTML5, CSS.

Liberty - dHUB, Braamfontein [Full Stack Developer]


Web / Mobile application development with Full Stack JavaScript - React, React Native, Redux, HTML5, CSS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Jest.

Dariel, Waverley [Tech Lead]


Web application development with JavaScript - AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, NodeJS, GruntJS, Jasmine, Karma.

BBD, Houghton [Software Developer]

2012 - 2014

Software Developer (python, C#, bash) on AIX (Unix) and Windows.

Metrix, Fourways [Senior .NET Developer and .NET Process Owner]

2010 - 2012

Web-based application development with ASP.NET (C#), with CSS, XHTML and JavaScript.

iScrip, Midrand - [Analyst Programmer]

2009 - 2010

Credit Vetting System – while at iScrip Software Solution ( I worked on critical components for an online credit vetting system for one of South Africa’s leading cellular operators.

amaDigital, Randburg - [Head Developer]

2005 - 2009

Web site development using ASP, ASP.NET, using MS SQL DB. Web-based application development with ASP.NET, using MS SQL DB on IIS


Open Source Projects:

React Tunes Player

A simple .ogg/.mp3 player. This React component uses Redux to store its state.

React Swift Slider

React Swift Slider is a simple image/picture slider for react.


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